New Jersey

1972 – 79 Wall Street, West Long Branch, New Jersey

This was my mom’s favorite post. Mine too, but for different reasons. She played golf and tennis nearly every day and made a lot of good friends she would keep in touch with over the next twenty years. I would walk to the pier in Long Branch and play in the arcades and walk along the boardwalk. There was a special electricity in the air, felt only by adolescents: the hum and crackle of freedom against the backdrop of salt spray and the distant screams of self abandon from the carney rides on the boardwalk. We would hitch down Ocean Avenue and go to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. We’d step out onto the jetty and drink our wine and talk into the night. We saw every rock and blues band that came through Convention Hall. We walked the boards and dropped in on Madame Marie, ate frozen custard and cotton candy. Sometimes I’d take my little sister and we’d ride the rides, me holding her hand while she opened her mouth wide and howled into the night.

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