And, we’re off!

We started the trip today, despite the rain and heavy traffic. Here are some highlights: visiting the quarters at Carlisle and recognizing them instantly (Young Hall).The parade field, bleachers and softball field look the same. So does the building that housed the teen center and the PX where I was falsely accused of shoplifting. The water tower. Then we drove down to where the old bowling alley was – now a substance abuse center – and saw the building where the craft center was. Remembered making a leather belt for my boyfriend (by the time it was finished, so were we – I was only 14). I can see every detail as I think about it.

I Talked briefly with a woman who had met a couple earlier in the week who had been at Carlisle 30 years ago and also said it looked just the same. For me it was 40 years, almost to the day, if not to the day. I should look that up. Anyway she said she sent her husband off to Afganistan this morning. She said he has been to Iraq once already. She was extraordinarily brave.

We visited the brand new Army Heritage Museum and walked the 1 mile loop to see exhibits about all of our wars. It was impressive, especially the WW1 bunker.

The road to Frederick was beautiful: farmlands, rolling hills; finally the sun came out creating beautiful late afternoon light across acres of green and golden fields. The radio station was playing songs from 1970, one after another: “build me up buttercup”, “Venus”, “Shilo” – all these songs that were on the jukebox in our lunchroom at Wootton Junior High School, which I attended that year when we lived in Rockville. And that’s where we’re headed tomorrow.

June 24 – Dobbs Ferry to Frederick, Md.

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