Nashville was the next stop. We arrived around 3pm after gaining an hour someplace in Tennessee. It was a beautiful drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains then down through the green valleys. We spent some time regrouping, making reservations for the next stop in Memphis, for Graceland, (the PLATINUM tour woohoo), and for an evening at The Ryman Auditorium, the former Grand ‘Ol Oprey.
It was an annual event: the Red, White and Bluegrass Show, featuring Ricky Scaggs and his 6 fabulous musicians. I have never heard a tighter band and the acoustics were out of this world. What a grand experience for both of us.
After the show we walked around the corner to Broadway and were met by a feast for the eyes: neon everywhere advertising country music bars and cowboy boot shops (buy 1 pair get 2 pair free – how do they do that?) I didn’t have a camera with me so we made a plan to return the next day and shoot up the place, which we did.
Then back to the car and into that long green corridor that has guided us for the past 8 days.

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