Driving – 2370 miles to date

Crossing the Mississippi

Okay so here’s some of the stuff that goes on inside of the car:

– 3 electronic devices charging at once; the passenger navigates with the iPad and keeps the music fresh on the iPod. We have an iCar.
– two waters and one coffee
– if we hit a rough patch of road my arm flags jiggle and I have to move my hands from 10 and 2 to 5 and 7 to make it stop.
– I forget to ask Tony for water and to check the iPod before he takes a nap and I have to drive 80 miles in thirsty silence. I’ve made that mistake twice.
– Tony forgets the bike rack is on the back of the car and turns on the rear window wiper; it stalls, we have to remove the rack to make it stop. He’s made that mistake twice.
– When the Tennessee State Trooper pulls us over I panic and all hell breaks loose inside the car as I search for my wallet, throwing my neatly organized belongings all over both the back and front seats of the car.

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