Fort Sill, OK

We left OKC at 11 am, after spending the morning writing in bed. I just couldn’t get enough of that crispy comfy bed. Instead of swimming while Tony worked I just stayed put and kept writing.
Anyway, we left and headed to Lawton, home of Fort Sill, the artillery center for the Army. My father went to the OCS Artillery school there fifty years ago.
We stopped at the Post Museum – much of which is an outside walking tour among Nike Missiles, “Adolph Killer” tanks, and the like. But it was 107 by the thermometer in the car and we could barely walk outside. To put that in perspective, we used to have an outside hot tub at the house in Hastings, and we kept the temp at 104.
So we spent a good deal of time inside, following the history of the artillery branch of the army from the revolutionary war to Afghanistan. I was thrilled to see a small display for TACFIRE, the first modern computer weapons project, headed up by my own father in the early 1970s. There was a blurb about his commanding officer, Lt. Gen. David Ott, a name I heard around the house often during those years.
We headed back into the heat and set off to find the house I lived in when my father was stationed here. It was easy to find, and it has seen better days. There was a police car in the driveway – I recognized it from the google sat picture – I figured it belonged to the owner. He was out in the neighbor’s driveway talking with a neighbor and the front door was ajar. A little girl peeked out and I waved. She pointed to her dad, and I approached him to ask permission to photograph the house. I explained I used to live there and he perked up and asked my name. Said he’d been receiving all kinds of phone calls about delinquent previous owners. I explained that I lived there fifty years ago and he seemed to believe me. He told me he had owned the house for 18 years and is still being hassled constantly. I didn’t know that could happen and I really felt for the man.
I got my photo, wished him well and climbed back into the car. It was so hot an aroma of melted plastic hung in the air.
We checked in to the Super 8 at exactly 3 and I spent the next 2 hours in the pool. It was relaxing until the owner literally chased a couple out of the pool for trespassing. Otherwise, it’s a particularly nice ‘8.

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