Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon. Spectacular. We entered the park expecting to pay a $50 entrance fee. Tony offered to cover it. When he handed his license and credit card to the attendant, she happily returned the credit card and asked for a ten dollar bill. In return she gave him a lifetime senior pass to every national park in the country, and I can go along with him. What a gift!
We visited the canyon and all the attractions. We took a long walk along the rim, and part way down the Bright Angel trail. At the end of the day we headed over to the Grandview to visit the sight of one of my life-changing experiences, just about 16 months ago. This was the route I took with two friends on what was to be a 5 day backpacking trip deep into the canyon. I swiftly came up against my limitations, both mental and physical. Because of the circumstances this brought about I spent a long day by myself on a Mesa in the middle of the canyon doing a lot of soul searching. It was a difficult few days but I think back on them often when I have to make a decision, or when I start feeling a little cocky. Re visiting the trail was a good thing, but it didn’t do much in the way of validating my experience there. It looked pretty tame on a brilliant summer day.
I didn’t take a lot of photographs – they just don’t do the canyon justice.

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