Hot and chaotic

We drove from Amarillo to OKC yesterday, into 100+ temps. We had to abandon our plan of late to check into last minute cheap motels because Tony was expecting a proof on the poster he designed last week for a new client. We had reserved a room in the Day’s Inn West, OKC, and Tony gave the address to his printer so he could overnight the proof.

We arrived at the motel around 7:30. I was feeling the heat and the accumulation of a few heavy mileage days, and all I had been thinking about for hours was jumping into the beautiful, sparkly pool I had seen on the website (the reason I picked this motel). For the third time on this trip, the pool was out of order. I overheard the desk clerk tell a family from Montreal the bad news and almost burst into tears. We were stuck with the motel because of the pending package of proofs.

I went out to the car to gather my wits (and because the lobby was hot and smelly), and sat for a few minutes complaining about the heat, etc. Tony went back inside with me after the French family exited, and the clerk assigned us to a room in the front of the motel. I asked her to please move us to the rear, away from the traffic noise, and she responded, “oh, I would never put you back there”. I had to ask her three times why not before she finally replied, “well, that’s where all the drug trafficking happens”. I just looked at Tony and said, I’m not staying here. The desk clerk happily refunded our money and sent us to the other side of town, “where all the nice motels are at”.

We lucked out with a nice Sleep Inn, complete with working pool and room service. We went for a swim at 9, and Tony got up early and went over to the Days Inn, where they were kind enough to hold his package.

Meantime, the craziest thing happened. On our way to OKC we noticed a tiny crack on the side of the windshield. Within an hour it had grown about a third of the way across the windshield. I was silently freaking out, imagining the glass exploding and sending thousands of tiny glass pellets, like buckshot, into our faces at 75 mph. I had all kinds of scenarios spinning around my hyper-anxious brain. Of course we made it to OKC intact, windshield and body-wise.

So, this morning we headed north, but by the time we reached Tulsa the crack was longer still and my fantasies had grown to include my jugular vein and pellets not bouncing off Tony’s glasses, but smashing through them (remember, we’re driving 75 mph). I gently reminded Tony to call the insurance guy just to see what he thought.

He told us to take care of it right away.

The next 30 minutes were chaos: calling Safelite (Tony remembered the jingle and actually knew what the company does – restore glass in cars), figuring out where we were, taking 10 minutes to get the guy to understand that we couldn’t make it to Yonkers by 3 ( it was 2:45 and Yonkers was 1600 miles away) – but we might be able to make it to Broken Arrow if we could get directions. We programmed the GPS, switched drivers (I’m the better navigator, he’s the better driver) and took off. If we didn’t get there by 3 we would have to wait until tomorrow. While we sped along I shouted directions, Tony answered the dispatcher’s questions, the phone slid under his seat, a cop almost followed us, I continued to envision the window blowing in all over us, the dispatcher kept saying, “You’ll make it” (how does he know, he doesn’t even know where we are?) – somehow we got there by 3:03. They took us.

We then spent 2 1/2 hours in a very pleasant waiting room, with our cooler next to my chair, the phone plugged in and resting on top, and my iPad humming through several games of Scrabble.

We were out by 5:30 and at our destination, Miami, OK, by 7:30. Sadly, we missed the big blue whale, but at that point I really didn’t care.

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