A few words about taking care of business on the road.

As of today we have been on the road for a month. 5500 miles haven’t hampered our responsibilities, nor has living on the road been an impediment to taking care of business.

Here are some of the things we have managed to do in the past four weeks:

1. Tony has completed two medium-sized free lance jobs with a small laptop and consecutive wifi set ups.

2. We have guaranteed an apartment for our youngest daughter, including the paperwork and wiring of funds.

3. We have kept current with our bills.

4. We have had a minor medical emergency and received excellent care and proper meds. The CVS in Asheville had all my info, as if we were at home.

5. We have replaced a bulb in our headlight, two brake light bulbs, a windshield, changed the oil twice, and rotated our tires.

6. We have shopped at two Trader Joe’s and thus kept our favorite foods in stock.

7. I have photographed, downloaded, Photoshopped, saved, uploaded to the blog, and backed up over 3000 images.

8. We have done laundry weekly.

9. We have kept up with our workouts, hiked and ridden our bikes.

10. We have kept up with friends and family, and with my work.

11. Bought and shipped birthday presents for Lauren, and bought her dinner.

12. Refinanced our house.

13. Replaced a lost credit card within 12 hours.

What I have not been able to do on the road:

1. Kayak

2. See my friends and family up close.

Even so, everything here on the road seems simpler.


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