The Heidelberg Project – Detroit

We left around 11, aiming for Ann Arbor, Michigan. I wanted to explore Detroit the next day. We arrived around 6 pm, after stopping along the lakeshore to explore the dunes, the 1933 World’s Fair “Homes of the Future”, and Mt. Baldy (125 feet!). We had lunch at a rest stop, and then sped off to Ann Arbor.

We checked out this morning and headed straight to The Heidelberg Project. In 1986 an artist named Tyree Guyten started painting abandoned housed in an effort to bring attention, and, ultimately, funds to the depressed neighborhood he lived in after the decline began in Detroit. Today several houses remain – having survived two attempts by the city to bulldoze the area- and other artists have contributed to the project. The city now supports the project and other grassroots art installations have sprung up around the city, contributing to it’s modest resurgence of late.

We spent a couple of hours photographing the neighborhood, and Tony was lucky enough to meet and talk with Tyree for a bit. we then got back into the car and explored the city from south to north, as far as Grosse Pointe. I was fascinated with Detroit and would like to learn more about it’s recent history, then go back for a few days in the near future to meet some of the artists and photograph more in-depth.

We then drove on toCleveland, where we are staying tonight.


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