More Out-Takes.

These past weeks have been a whirlwind (dust devil?) of visiting children in far places, camping out of cell range, and numerous day-long sojourns to the city, etc etc. In between I’ve been tentative in my approach to the 3000+ photos from the road trip, still processing mentally before processing digitally. But in the past weeks I’ve chosen about 200 images to live and work with; and I’ve begun to print them out.

We are opening the school year with a faculty show, so I’m choosing 20 images to print, frame and install in a grid as a sort of sketch for the organization of this body of work. The artist statement will be more questions than answers; it should describe some of the things I’ve been thinking about throughout this process. For now the 13 images of former homes will be left out of the equation. I have more houses to shoot and I think I want to create encaustic pieces for those. I’ve ordered the equipment and I’m working on setting up a work space for that.

If anybody would like to help me sort through and decide what to hang next week please contact me! I would love the input.

I hope all of you are well and happy and that your summer has been a good one.

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