More Images from the Children’s Home

Shooting and working on these photographs was a somber process. While in the buildings I was struck by the presence of the past; it was as if the patients were still there in spirit, looking over my shoulder and protecting themselves and the space. I was careful not to disturb anything – as careful as one would be in a friend’s home. There were toys and dolls around each corner – it’s likely many of these were props used by other photographers – but, still, I left them just so. Processing the images was a journey in itself. There were some surprises and some unexpected finds. I hope that my reverence for what these images represent shows through. They aren’t meant to exploit, but to pay homage.

Tweety Bird
After the Fire
The Showers
Happy and Luke
The Crib Room


2 thoughts on “More Images from the Children’s Home

  1. It leaves me wondering— where are they today? It’s yet another Abandoned series of yours that yanks at my heart, in a good way.

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