Weaving in the Catskills

I was fortunate to be a member of a team of weavers invited to Catslair, an artist residency at the foot of the Catskills in Upstate New York earlier this month. I spent three weeks creating site-specific works of my own design, continuing my series, Mapweaves, and assisting with a group installation on the beautiful grounds of the estate where we stayed. It is such a gift to be able to spend three solid weeks doing nothing but creating art. The wifi was weak, there was no TV, and even the cell phone signal was sporadic. So it really was a focused period with few distractions but for the daily walk to the river.

These are a few of the pieces I created for the Mapweaves series while at the residency. I’m interested in the play of deconstructing place and then re-assembling the pieces to create merged worlds and lands. The music pieces follow a similar process but take on a different meaning: re-inventing language and information in the¬†highly structured form of the grid, which simultaneously blurs the original meaning of the chosen script.

Some of the things I think about while engaged in the process: places I’ve visited, places in history and how the engage in new geographies when woven together; the sounds of the notes, music past and present, yet to be imagined; the discovery of how small the world is: how closely culturally diverse cities reside; how large the world is, that the earth holds so many places that no one person will hope to visit all of them, ever.

All of these works are woven paper with beeswax. They all live in my studio, which is open by appointment or chance.

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