Broken Threads: Recent work at Upstream Gallery















Artist Statement • Broken Threads

A sewing station in a textile mill sits abandoned but intact, as if the worker walked out mid-shift and never returned. You can picture her sitting there; you can see the color choices she made in gathering her work materials. Christmas decorations sit idly on a desk as though waiting to be hung for the season. A calendar lies on the floor open to the last day. At an abandoned resort in the Catskills lounge chairs sit poolside next to the encroaching fern forest, a nova ecology that patiently reclaims the site, the broken threads of thousands of stories clanging against the walls.

We continue to build, celebrate, then to abandon our commercial icons. Nothing is permanent, though when we built these factories and trains and swimming pools they were constructed of stone and steel – evidence of our hope and commitment. But we turn our backs on these places when they no longer serve our desires, and they are left behind to decompose slowly back into the earth. We want to preserve our past, but broken threads tell only part of the story. These places sit in waiting and keep our secrets.

The photographs are means of preservation. Finding small moments, splashed color within these spaces, like sparks of memory just outside our reach, remind us that they once harbored dreams and lives and the objects of our desires – some forgotten. The Map Weaves reflect the changing landscape, boundaries broken by political change and environmental dissolution. The Music Weaves touch on the broken threads of communication; a breakdown of the universal language. The pieces are deconstructed and reformed, then the weaves are sealed in wax, obfuscating meaning while preserving history.


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