I am a fine arts photographer and I live in The Bronx, on City Island. I teach Darkroom and Digital Photography at a private school in Westchester County and I maintain a studio in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and one at home.

My inspiration comes from music, friends, food, place. Photographers who have inspired me include Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Lorna Simpson, Diane Arbus, Joel Sternfeld, Alex Webb, William Klein…

I have synesthesia. I discovered this in 1995 while in grad school when a particularly intuitive guest artist asked me what color the word “photography” is to me. When I said, “swirling pink and brown” he informed me that not everybody sees words in color. This surprised me. But it explained why, in a critique a few days earlier I received 12 blank stares when I described Tuesday as orange. Cody suggested I read The Man Who Tasted Shapes, and this changed my world.

So that explains the obsession with color…





For inquiries about purchasing photographs you can reach me at madelinewilson@optonline.net

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