I am a fine arts photographer living in Boulder County, Colorado. I maintain a studio practice in Loveland, as a member of Artworks Loveland, and I spend a good deal of time of time in the great outdoors, a source of inspiration for my work process.

Other inspiration comes from  music, friends, place, and artistsStephen Shore, William Eggleston, Lorna Simpson, Diane Arbus, Joel Sternfeld, Alex Webb, William Klein…

I have been practicing photography since high school, moving from black and white darkroom imagery, through cibachrome and color negative, to digital imagery. The digital process conveys my color sense perfectly, presenting the ability to fine-tune color properties using Lightroom and Photoshop software and Epson inks to convey the richness of meaning that the color holds on the paper.

My artistic practice includes working with found objects to create mixed-media work. Like the photographs, materials and objects are discovered and then crafted into works addressing questions of permanence, obfuscation, deconstruction and reconstruction, and natural reclamation. The ability to capture and hold objects of the past in the present, in a new form, creates the basis of my artistic pursuits.

For inquiries about purchasing photographs you can reach me at reachmadwilson@gmail.com


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